British cuisine

from Remi Hirano on the MAINICHI WEEKLY

Lovely London,jolly London! I have chosen on authentic British favorite,fish and chips,since

this is a part of the London Olympics special issue.

Let's enjoy it while we watch the Games,and pretend we are there.

We'll be couch fish and chips, not couch potatoes. BTW, in the U.K., Japanese "fried potato" is called chips,
and Japanese "potato chips" are crisps.
How confusing!

Ingredients ....... (for two servings)

     ○ 2 silces (110g) swordfish

     ○ small potatoes (200g), cut into wedges

     ○ 60g flour  ・・・・・・A

     ○ 100cc unsweetened carbonated water ・・・・・・A   

     ○ 2 tsps grated cheese ・・・・・・A

     ○ a dash of salt

     ○ a dash of pepper

     ○ lemon wedges to taste

     ○  ketchup to taste

     ○ frying oil, sufficient amount



     1. Sprinkle swordfish slices with salt and pepper.Coat lightly with flour(a separate portion from the flour

        in the ingredients list).

    2. Rinse potatoes and dab dry.Put potatoes in fryer before the oil is hot.

        Heat oil to 140C - 160C and fry potatoes until soft.

        Bring oil to high heat and continue frying until potatoes turn golden brown.

        Remove potatoes, drain, and sprinkle with salt.

    3. Mix ingredients A roughly in bowl.Dip fish slices in mixture to coat

       generaously and deep-fry in oil at 180C.

    4. Place fried fish and potatoes in serving dish.

       Squeeze lemon juice generously over all and serve with ketchup.







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